An Amazing Season



If you look closely, you will see a nice, shiny trophy sitting in front of all these amazing Warrior players!  This team was one of the most incredible group of kids to watch this season.  As the coaches reflect on where we started and how far we then came, it really is a season to remember.  Our first scrimmage back in September was rough…we were starting out shaky and unsure of ourselves.  Balls were dropped, bad passes made and timid shots taken on goal.  The coaches were scratching their heads because this was NOT the team that came to practice every time.  THAT team was a well-oiled machine, full of confidence and skill.  As a team, these players had to do some soul-searching of what they wanted out of the season, a line was drawn, and things started to turnaround.  The kids came together for each other on and off the field, everyone stepped up their game and the Warrior Junior High team went on to WIN 12 STRAIGHT GAMES IN A ROW!  We marched into the Cactus Cup Finals and earned our place in the books with the CHAMPIONSHIP WIN! But, even more importantly, we did it as a team that showed great sportsmanship and exemplary conduct on and off the field. Could not be more proud of these young men!

Our 5th and 6th graders are quite a group of up and coming lax players!  This is a group of athletes, stemming from other sports like baseball, football and hockey.  They have been quick to pick up stick skills and had a great season as well.  We fully expect them to carry on the legacy of our junior high team and dominate in the 2015 season.  Our little laxers were so much fun to watch….all heart and great sportsmanship.  It is great to see young athletes take up this sport and really enjoy it.  It is going to be exciting to see them all develop into amazing lax players!


Here We Go…Again!

After a successful Spring 2013 season with some signature victories on our way to the semifinals of the AYLL Cactus Cup State Championship, we are looking forward to another GREAT season!  We appreciate all the players who made good use of their summer, whether it was taking clinics and joining travel teams or simply playing […]


The Season Is Here!

Saturday was our kick-off and we are really proud of the kids for the first weekend of actual game play. We have room for improvement across the board, but it is always good to get those first games under our belt and see how we stack up in the competition. We are looking forward to […]


The season is right around the corner!

We have some warm-up scrimmages this month in our preparation to the season opening on February 2nd!  The AYLL is hosting a final coach’s meeting late this month where they will present all teams with the schedule for the season.  We had a sneak peek at this schedule so see Upcoming Events or Schedule tab […]

Fall is Finally in the Air!

Starting in November, our Fall Ball will move to full equipment required for all players. For anyone new, we will let them run in some of the non-contact drills for a short period but will need to require the equipment for safety and liability reasons by mid-month. We will continue to meet at Sierra Verde […]

About Arrowhead Warriors

Welcome to the Arrowhead Lacrosse Club – home of the Warriors!!


2012 Arrowhead Lacrosse Team

The Arrowhead Lacrosse Club of Glendale, AZ was formed to help grow and promote the sport of lacrosse in the Arrowhead and surrounding Northwest Valley communities in the greater Phoenix area.

The focus will be on supporting and fostering the development of youth lacrosse in Arizona and building the skills of all players while teaching the fundamental aspects of the game.

For the 2012/2013 season, the Club will play in the Arizona Youth Lacrosse League’s (AYLL).  This season the Club will have three teams:

  • Junior High
  • 5th and 6th grades
  • 3rd and 4th grades


Team Goals

*Be A Champion*

1) Always have a Great Attitude!
- Listen
- Learn
- Be Positive
- Encourage your teammates
- Have a quiet, humble confidence in yourself

2) Always give your Best!
- Hustle on and off the field
- 100% Effort
- Never give up

3) Team First!
- Needs of the team come before the individual
- Be selfless

4) Have Fun!


We look forward to seeing you on the field this fall!  Warriors on 3!